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This page features links to some of our online friends. We feel that the below sites are complementary to our own and invite you to visit them.


Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkeys

We breed, raise, show and sell registered, tiny, miniature donkeys specializing in spotted donkeys but we have a variety of colors available. We are located in Chapel Hill, Tennessee. Just 35 miles South of Nashville, Tennessee.

Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys

Here at Best Friends Farm we believe that when you call or visit us, we have a responsibility to help educate you about miniature donkey care, health, and uses (sale or no sale). Besides, we just love to talk donkeys. We have miniature donkeys for sale, but first, we care enough to share enough information, including our personal donkey experiences, so you will be comfortable and happy with your new family member.


Goat Pro Idaho

Looking for hiking buddies that will help carry your gear?  Well, you've found them.  With Goat Pro Idaho our eager ungulates are ready to enrich your backcountry experience! Based in Boise, Idaho.