Thank you for visiting Bantam Saddle Tack, the premier online manufacturer of miniature packing equipment such as sawbuck packsaddles, mini panniers, saddle pads, etc. These products are developed, tested, and manufactured in eastern Idaho.

During the Covid epidemic, we are continuing to accept and ship orders. However, please understand that we are operating at about 1/3 our usual capacity. Due to this, most orders are likely to take longer than usual to ship. For most small accessory items, sewing machine parts, thread, etc, we will generally ship within about 3 business days.

Sewing machines may take 7-10 days to ship depending on timing of your order.

Pack gear items are likely to have the longest delay. In particular, packsaddles, saddle pads, and some pannier models and/or colors make take 6-8 weeks, or sometimes longer.

Our ability to respond personally for status updates is currently greatly diminished. We will do our best, but please don't panic if we don't respond quickly. Please rest assured that we will ship orders in the sequence they were received, and that we will do so as quickly as possible.
There is no penalty for cancelling orders that are still being processed. We certainly understand if you decide to cancel due to long wait times. Please contact us via email or text if this is the case.

Local/Cell/Text: 208-201-1544

Email: [email protected]

Our pack equipment may be bantam-sized, but it delivers full-sized performance.

Please keep in mind that, from time-to-time, many of our packing products are on a built-to-order status, and can take several weeks to ship. If you are in a hurry, please contact us with your desired ship date, and check on our current workload.

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Leather machinery, sewing machines, and accessories are typically in-stock and normally ship within 48 hours. If you need something that you don't see, please ask us, we may have it.

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